Trouble with Passwords

5 Mar

One of the general struggles people have with technology is how to come up with and remember passwords for all the many accounts they have online.  We’ve all be told not to use anything obvious, anything connected to our lives that other people might know (the name of a pet for example).  When creating a password for an online site there are often rules like you need to include at least one capital letter and a number.  Sometimes you need to include a non alphanumeric symbol and sometimes you cannot use one.  Sometimes the password must be at least 8 characters long, sometimes at least 14 characters long, sometimes exactly 6 characters long.  So any system you come up with is always going to end up falling outside some set of rules somewhere, sometime.

From the research I’ve done the best solution is to use a password vault or safe (what’s that?) of some sort that will create and remember random passwords for you, so the only password you have to create and remember is the one to the password

vault.  But which password vault?  And will it work across all my devices?  I tried Dashlane but it was cumbersome on my phone and I gave up.

Your password is incorrect

Your password is incorrect

I just came across an article on the move to get away from the password  Passwords Are Terrible — And These Companies Want To Kill Them which is interesting although still feels far away from now.  What do you do about passwords?  How do you handle passwords when using accounts with students?

Here is another interesting article on Four Methods to Create a Secure Password You’ll Actually Remember.

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